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Concrete Buddies is a powerful solution specifically designed specifically for the concrete and aggregate industries.It offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution, managing customer management and automated quotes. Moreover, it handles job planning, delivery tracking, invoicing, and reporting efficiently.

This system is developed to enhance operational efficiency, saving time and costs by reducing human errors and the need for extra staff. It is accessible through a secure web portal. Hence, Concrete Buddies eliminates the requirement for expensive on-site hardware or software. It is optimised for customers in the UK.

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Key Features of Concrete Buddies

Customer Management

Easily add new customers with our smart address feature – just use the postcode. Find existing customers by phone number, name, or address to view past jobs and add new one.

Automated Quotes

Upload your price sheet to Concrete Buddies, and quotes are automatically calculated based on material and quantity. Adjust for special pricing as necessary to guarantee accurate quotation on every occasion.

Job / Shipping Planner

Use the simple visual calendar to drag and drop jobs onto the virtual shipping sheet. Get real-time updates on job status to track daily progress. Delayed jobs are highlighted for easy management.

Multiple Deliveries / Parts / Depots

Handle jobs with multiple deliveries on the calendar easily.For volumetric concrete, our integrated app requests live updates. This ensures accuracy in every transaction.

Vehicle Tracking

Our system allows you to assign jobs directly to trucks. It also includes navigation to the delivery address. Get live updates on delivery status and view your entire fleet's location online.


Invoice directly from Concrete Buddies via email with attached delivery proof. Completed jobs can be easily imported into popular accounting software for efficient financial management.

Proof of Delivery

The Concrete Buddies system provides digital signatures or photos as proof of delivery. On-site re-pricing based on quantity variations and waiting time ensures accurate invoicing.

Online Payment

Integrate Concrete Buddies with leading online payment gateways. Collect pre-authorised payments before delivery. Clear the balance upon completion or opt for full payment at the point of sale.


Access a variety of statistics with a single click. This includes completed jobs, jobs for the day, unpaid jobs, and quotes awaiting transfer. Concrete Buddies offers comprehensive reporting for informed decision-making.

Phone System Integration

Integrate Concrete Buddies with leading phone systems for live call logging. Retrieve existing customer details as calls are answered. Automatically add new customer information during phone interactions.

Email / SMS Customer Alerts

Choose the optional email and SMS alerts for customers before and after delivery. Automated reminders the evening before and post-delivery receipts enhance customer communication.

Customer Support

Concrete Buddies is a management solution with a friendly support team available during business hours. We provide assistance with queries and can smoothly import your existing customer database for a smooth transition.

Secure System / Backup

All data is securely stored on Concrete Buddies servers with password protection. Secure connections ensure safe communication, and daily offsite backups guarantee data integrity.

Continuous Improvement

Concrete Buddies is designed to evolve, growing to enhance business efficiency. Our team can incorporate specific functionalities to meet your operational needs.

Industries We Serve

Manage Customer Experiences With Industry-leading Solutions

Construction Industry

Concrete Buddies streamlines project planning and delivery tracking. It optimises workflows in construction projects for enhanced efficiency.

Concrete Industry

Tailored for the concrete sector, it manages quotes and job planning. Moreover, it handles invoicing for concrete-related businesses.

Aggregate Industry

Ideal for aggregate businesses, Concrete Buddies helps with customer management. It also provides automated quotes and fleet tracking for efficient aggregate operations.


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I've used Concrete Buddies for my business and it's been a great experience. It's helped me to save time and reduce my stress levels, while also improving the customer experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Concrete Buddies has made my life so much easier! It simplifies the waiting process, saving time and reducing frustration. The overall experience is great and up to the mark. Thanks to the team!


Thanks to Rohit and his team for making this wonderful software. Not only me but our customers also loved it. As they are able to join a virtual queue and get updates on their wait time via text message.

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