10 Utensils You Need Have In Your Diwali Shopping List

10 Utensils You Need Have In Your Diwali Shopping List

Festival season is here! From all, Diwali is one of the most famous festivals and is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Known as the "Festival of light", Diwali indicates the victory of good over evil.

It is popular for home decoration, gifts, sweets, or makeovers.  It is believed that the Goddess of wealth, Laxmi visits home in the form of gifts, gold, and money. For Indians,  Diwali shopping is inevitable.

Out of all the Diwali gifts, utensils are the favorite! It is considered perfect for use in households or even for gifting.

Ultimately, it is an ideal time for some makeover.  Purchasing stuff for home is a custom on Diwali festival. Hence, this Diwali rather than gifting sweet boxes or customary dry fruits, present yourself or your loved ones the beautiful utensils.  This article aims to give you an idea of which utensils you can gift this Diwali. 

Best Utensils to gift on Diwali

Brass Plate set in Gift Box

Essentially, food is life.  The food we eat has to be healthy and should be served in an astonishing way with love and care. 

Serving food in Brass thali includes a different flavor to your food.  Considerably, Brass metal has been known since ancient times, the reason is the health benefits it offers.   Even now, this alloy is used in small towns and villages in India.   Researches have confirmed that food cooked or served in brass utensils improves strength and immunity.

Usually, the brass thali set is manufactured with virgin brass alloy for assuring premium quality. They are created by skilled professionals considering to be used on a regular basis.  Add this set to your gifting list and do a bit in making the meal healthy. 

Brass Bowls

This gift utensil could be used for serving snacks, paying for rituals and prayers.  Gifting Brass Bowls on Diwali, or even on other festivals like Navratri, or on birthdays is the right choice.  Of course, it is one of the best Diwali gifts you can give your loved ones.

Brass Pooja Thali

While praying on Diwali, pooja thali has a major role to play.  This Diwali, use brass pooja thali instead; it is a perfect choice for usual pooja ceremonies and daily poojas, etc.

This traditional-looking thali exudes a rich red and golden glow, which is perfect for any occasion, particularly outdoor ceremonies or diyas.  With its traditional patterns and elaborative design, the brass pooja thali will add a positive feeling to the pooja room. Also, this utensil; is an ideal gift for auspicious events.

Brass Roti Dabba

Add the Brass Roti Dabba to your kitchenware or gift it to others on this Diwali. Basically, these types of chapati boxes are handcrafted with a golden finishing look. The best thing is that it keeps the chapatis fresh and hot which is, however, essential for human health.

Remember- healthy eating does not complete a healthy lifestyle.  The utensils needed to cook healthy meals are equally important.  So, it is better to use that kitchenware that makes your food more healthy and enriches it with essential minerals. 

Brass Teapot Set

The classic design of the Brass Teapot Set is handmade with a golden appearance. It includes an additional flavor to your regular tea. The rich design of teacups and kettle provides a magnificent look. Brass metal keeps the tea hot for a long time.

Brass glasses and teapot sets are definite additions for households in India.   The tea set is hand-made, designed beautifully, and could be a better gift for Diwali. Majorly, the sets include six glasses and a teapot with rounded edges. The teapot also includes a solid brass spout and lid for simple pouring. 

Coffee Davara Tumbler

Who does not love coffee? We all do!  What makes it more special is the way it is presented or served. Coffee Davara Tumbler Set is a gift of royalty to be presented to your loved ones.   Choose the online supplier or retailer like Indian Bartan to select the best set and celebrate Diwali with a smile on your relatives.

Set of Teacups

TeaCups are a general but essential utensil in the kitchen. Making the experience of drinking tea different and tastier is, however, liked by many.

TeaCups of brass metals handcrafted by the finest or high-quality material is what makes this utensil to be used as a gift on Diwali.  Choose this teacup saucer as a gift and make the festival memorable. 

Copper Bottle Set

The benefits of drinking water from copper bottles are known to all. So, why not gift this element of healthfulness this Diwali. The copper bottle set includes two glasses and a bottle of copper with an appealing look.  The bottles are decorated with rich Indian motifs, which complements the full look of this exquisite gift.

This is an elegant way to maintain the drinking water quality. It will improve the experience and remind you to savor each sip of life!

Luxurious Brass Bowls

Use these Indian brass bowls to build a festive and classic environment in your home on Diwali.  These bowls are manufactured of pure solid brass and are excellent for gifts in festivals such as Diwali, weddings, and Dussehra. These bowls are made of the highest quality alloy, which is durable and strong. Also, you can use it as a decoration in the living room.   Because of their durable design and bright colors, they will be loved by the recipients.

Brass Fruit Tokri

Gifting fruits on Diwali is a long-time back ritual.   This fruit tokri is made of high-quality brass and has an elegant design, decorating the tabletop with style and elegance.

The brass Tokri is the perfect gift for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. Brass Fruit Tokri is a perfect utensil to be a touch of Indian handmade style to the home decor. This brass fruit bowl is handcrafted and designed in India by skilled craftsmen, assuring your expectations for the durability and quality


You can choose any of the above-mentioned utensils to gift on Diwali. There are many online portals, like, Indian Bartan from which you can choose the best one.   The retailers also make it convenient for you to send it to the desired location.

Let us know your views about this article in the comment section below.  In case of any doubt, comment below. Thanks for reading!