3 Best Utensils for Cooking That Will Keep You Healthy

3 Best Utensils for Cooking That Will Keep You Healthy

A healthy lifestyle includes not only using nutrient-rich foods. But, also the awareness of all the rules of their heat treatment during cooking is important!

Hence, it is important to purchase high-quality cookware.

Utensils are made from different materials, each of which can have both advantages and disadvantages. Most often, utensils from several traditional materials are purchased for cooking.

There is a reason for it!

Usually, the kitchenware is made from toxic elements that are responsible for food contamination. On the other side, the traditional utensils assure nutrients preservation and additionally, add a different flavor to food.

The cookware material is a prior thing that must be chosen wisely.  As the food when cooked in utensils, the material gets to penetrate into the food, thereby giving adverse effects to health.

Hence, to make your task easy of choosing the right utensils, here, in this article, we are presenting to you three utensils useful for health specifically. 

3 Ideal Utensils for Cooking

Brass Utensils

The brass alloy contains Zinc (30%) and Copper (70%). However, it is also termed as Pital. Earlier, the most used kitchenware was Brass only. The presence of Zinc and Copper in this metal help fight several infections in the human body. The food cooked in this metal obtains the benefits of both metals.

  • Zinc breaks down the food; which of course makes for easy digestion. 
  • Saving water in Brass glasses gets purified and certainly, keeps the worm-related inflections away.
  • Eating food in this metal also prevents the human body from respiratory diseases. 
  • The three doshas discussed in the Ayurveda keep balanced with the food cooked and eaten in brass cookware.

Copper Utensils

For a long time, copper utensils were in use. History confirms that the alloy has the ability to destroy pathogens. It is said that, in cholera and plague epidemics, those who worked and lived in copper factories and copper mines remained healthy, and others have died. The major reason behind this is the antibacterial impact copper has.

  • The metal helps fight different bacteria and fungi by eliminating them from food while cooking. 
  • People drink water from Copper Jugs as it works as a disinfectant. 
  • The researches have proved that the metal copes easily with Salmonella and Escherichia coli strains.
  • Food cooked in copper pans is sterilized to limit the occurrence of infections that result in the gastrointestinal tract. 
  • For a long time, copper has been used to treat many diseases in folk medication, which is not without reason: body poisoning, hemorrhoids, convulsions, ulcers, etc.
  • On their own, copper utensils are safe. Copper, when entering the human body, does not get accumulated, however, is discharged from the human body.

Kansa Utensils

Kansa cookware is an intoxicating alloy, a bronze form. It constitutes Copper (4%) and Tin (1%). These utensils have been used since the Samhita Kala time and, indeed, it is known as a metal for striking changes in the human body. As per Ayurveda Prakasha specifications, the food cooked in Kansa has therapeutic benefits.

  • Storing water in Kansa Jugs for more than eight hours charges it positively and balances the doshas of the human body.
  • Kansa encourages holistic healing by improving intestinal health and immunity.
  • It relieves stress and increases energy levels.
  • The alloy includes anti-convulsive and brain stimulant properties which are responsible for brain stimulation.
  • Kansa grows the hemoglobin count and lessens inflammation. 
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve muscular and joint pains, also, fights arthritis.
  • Because of melanin production in Kansa, the chances of aging slows down and skin turns out to be healthy.
  • It eliminates or breakdowns the fats and helps to lose weight.
  • Kansa contributes to cardiovascular health and fights anemia by controlling blood pressure.

Concluding Remarks

Determining the right utensil is imperative to add an element of healthiness to your life.   The utensils with toxic effects pose a threat to health.  So, make a wise decision and pick the kitchenware to have healthy food from the kitchen. 

Choose sensibly, cook healthy and remain well!