7 Must have Brass Products in kitchen

7 Must have Brass Products in kitchen

Choosing cookware is an important decision. 

Indeed, you prefer to know the utensils you are using in the kitchen.

Knowing them is not enough, though!

However, it is imperative to learn about their features and how they are transforming the cooking process. 

The ayurvedic importance of Brass or Pital utensils is known to everyone. Ayurveda says that Brass holds the capacity to cure many diseases, such as inflammation, diarrhea and anemia, etc. Brass in India was not accepted in lower suburbs, besides, now, it is widespread mainly because of its durability and versatility. 

When it is about using it in serving, eating, and cooking, Brass utensils are preferred by all.  It is an alloy of yellow color and blends Zinc (30%) and Copper (70%). 

If you are looking for Brass products to be used in your kitchen, then, you are on the right page. The aim of this article is to reveal the major brass utensils to be used in the kitchen.   Know them and add in your cookware.  Nevertheless, lets' first quickly have a look at the health benefits of brass utensils. 

Health benefits of Brass Products

  • It produces melanin, which promotes healthy skin and hair.
  • Consuming water in the brass jug improves strength and stamina.
  • Brass vessels do not let abdominal infections occur.
  • The natural oil that releases after the cooking adds a different taste to food. 
  • The zinc purifies the blood
  • Also, zinc stimulates the brain cells, so eating food or drinking water from brass vessels improves memory. 
  • It cures respiratory diseases such as asthma and cough. 

Different brass utensils to be used in Kitchen

Brass Tawa

Undeniably, the parathas and chapatis are the basis of Indian food.   It is needed to keep the soul and taste of food intact.  The best part of Brass Tawa is that it not only preserves the taste, however, but also maintains the nutritional value.   When cooking, the Tawa conserves the heat for a long time and spreads heat properly, making it easy to fry and mix the vegetables. 

It is known to all that brass is a very hard metal, compared to bronze and copper, so, it cannot get a dent on its surface, and will never lose its luster.

Brass Pressure Cooker

Cooking food in a brass cooker is mostly advisable by doctors. They find it beneficial for health if the food is cooked in a brass pressure cooker. Generally, this cookware has Kalai- tinned inside. 

The role of Kalai is to stop the acid reaction between food and brass metal, making it very suitable for use on gas stoves.

Brass Jug

Brass jugs are considered a traditional product containing several health benefits.  The item can be used for drinking water on a regular basis. Petal holds natural antibiotic properties. So, water stored in a Brass water jug for more than eight hours purifies the beverage.  

The ions that penetrate the drink help kill cholera and other water-borne diseases that can result in loss of life or death even.

Brass Tiffin Box

Pack delicious homemade sandwiches, snacks, or meals, in brass lunch boxes to keep yourself healthy. These meal stored boxes are ideal for those who are dieters,  sensitive to health, busy professionals, or parents.

With a brass lunch box, you can assure that your food remains hot for many hours even after packaging. Because brass holds an efficient antimicrobial material that does not let the food get contaminated. It also serves as an antioxidant and therefore, a brass tiffin helps improve immunity by fighting free radicals in the body.

Brass Tea Pan

Brass tea Pan is a mostly preferable item in the cooking ware. The tea brewed in the brass product improves strength and immunity.  

In addition, it controls the aggression level, hemoglobin count,  enhanced skin quality, etc.  There are many health gains of forefather's practices.  The brass tea pans are manufactured with virgin Brass metal to assure premium quality.

Brass Serving Kadhai 

Healthy eating does not develop a healthy lifestyle. The tools needed to cook healthy meals are yet important. The best thing is that it turns the meal into a healthy diet with enriched minerals. 

The brass kadhai has a tin-plated surface. With the real brass handle, carrying it is easy.  Its molding is in large solid brass metal.  Because of the deep vessel, cooking, frying, or stirring the food is simple. 

Brass Paraat

Last but not the least, the Brass Paraat.  It is an essential vessel in the kitchen cookware.  It is used to make the dough for making chapatis, or paranthas, or thepla (Northern or Southern).   The Paraat has antioxidants that are obviously getting added to the flours. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we are able to give you appropriate knowledge regarding Brass Utensils.  Thanks for sparing time reading it!