7 Must-Have Copper Utensils For Home & Travel

7 Must-Have Copper Utensils For Home & Travel

Copper utensils are beneficial for health. Besides, they are suitable for various cooking techniques like sauteing, frying, browning, and many more. Moreover, they have antibacterial properties. So, the food stored in these utensils stays fresh for longer durations.

Additionally, metal utensils serve various purposes related to travel and home usage. For instance, a copper water bottle is perfect for travel usage, whereas a handcrafted copper jug is suitable for home-usage. Similarly, many metal vessels come in handy for different use cases. So, let's check out the top must-have copper utensils for home and travel.

Advantages Of Copper Utensils For Home & Travel Usage

Copper Water Bottle

Copper water bottles incorporate health benefits in the water or liquid edibles stored in them. For this reason, one must keep the water stored for 8 hours so that the metal's benefits properly assimilate into it. Because the metal releases its ions in water, incorporating properties to kill the bacteria and viruses present in it. Furthermore, copper facilitates good memory, skin health, and immunity.

Moreover, the copper straight bottle from Indian Bartan is must-have kitchenware for travel purposes. It naturally keeps the water cool and comes with a good capacity. Hence, you can avoid filling the water bottle again and again during travel.

Copper Frying Pan

A frying pan is used in every kitchen in various cooking techniques like grilling, stir-frying, and many more. Because a metal pan is ideal for retaining the consistency and texture of the meals. For this reason, using a copper frying pan ensures you health benefits combined with tasty dishes.

The small frying pan from Indian Bartan comes with a sleek design and smooth cooking surface that make it ideal for various dishes like pancakes, kebabs, etc. Moreover, the meals take less time to cook as copper is a good conductor of heat.

Copper Tiffin Box

A tiffin box is another must-have utensil for travel as it comes in handy to store meals required for long journeys. Also, metal containers are suitable to keep the food fresh for hours. Moreover, the flavour and aroma of the food items are also maintained. Hence, a tiffin box of copper metal is ideal for travel usage.

In addition, students and working people can use them daily for carrying their meals for lunch. The Copper Tiffin Box from the Indian Bartan comes with a traditional look that will surely make you feel nostalgic. In addition, it is very durable and easy to carry.

Copper Mug

A copper mug can uplift your beverage drinking experience for sure. For instance, the Moscow mule, an American cocktail, is served in the copper mugs to keep the drink cool for longer intervals.

Moreover, the copper mugs provided by Indian Bartan are handcrafted for quality that enhances the look of the kitchen. For this reason, they are used widely for decoration purposes.

Handcrafted Copper Jug

There are numerous health benefits of drinking water stored in a copper jug, out of which some are mentioned below.

  • Copper-charged water is well known for balancing the 3 doshas: vatta, pitta, and kapha.
  • It maintains the balance between acid-base in our body by regulating the PH levels.
  • Copper is useful in various illnesses like headaches and injuries like cuts.

The handcrafted copper jug from Indian Bartan is suitable to store water. Besides, its beautiful design makes it look like antique and royal kitchenware that enhances the kitchen's look.

Copper Sipper

Copper sipper is perfect kitchenware for various fitness-related activities like gyming, running, etc. Moreover, you can carry it while traveling to keep yourself hydrated. Furthermore, a sipper bottle is suitable for individuals who prefer modern-looking bottles over simpler ones.

Indian Bartan provides copper sipper bottle that comes with a protective lid on the top that makes it leakage or spill-proof. In addition, one can easily clean it with a bottle brush using a dish wash or detergent liquid.

Copper Bedside Water Jar

A copper bedside water jar is perfect to enhance the bedroom look as you can keep it on the lamp table at the bedside. In addition, you ensure the health benefits of metal every time you drink water from it.

The copper bedside water jar from Indian Bartan can naturally keep the water cool for longer intervals. Therefore, individuals can avoid Refrigerator water when they wake up in between while sleeping. Consequently, one can avoid getting a cold or cough, and stay healthy.


The above are 7 must-have copper utensils suitable for different home and travel purposes. Moreover, you can find a good kitchenware provider near your location by making an online search like copper utensils near me and get appropriate results. Furthermore, you can check Indian Bartan's website to shop for the above-listed products. Indian Bartan is a renowned manufacturer of a wide range of kitchenware that provides quality utensils at the best prices.