Benefits of Drinking Water In Kansa Glass

Benefits of Drinking Water In Kansa Glass

When there are means to get nutrients naturally, then why aren't we considering them?

We all require nutrients, minerals, and iron on a daily basis in our diet. Undeniably, the lifestyle we are following is not providing us these. Either these are taken medically or artificially. Effective natural ways are there that can provide the human body what it needs.

If you are unaware of your roots, then, we would like to enlighten you that Ayurveda has been prescribed various home remedies to remain healthy and for good well-being. Shifting to Kansa cookware is preferred by many. Yes, there are reasons for it! It is bringing remarkable changes to human health.   

It is said that drinking water in Kansa vessels relieves three different doshas, such as Kapha, pitta, and Vata. This statement is even now confirmed scientifically. Microbiologists have verified that the water stored overnight in Kansa vessels causes many water-borne diseases and the developing countries should start using it instead of using the standard containers, like plastic containers.

Kansa- Defined

Kansa is also termed Bronze or Bell Metal.  The highly preferred metal includes the properties of Copper as 78% and Tin as 22%.   Both of these alloys get heated at 700 centigrade to make pure Kansa.   Considered itself as a Malleable metal, it is then molded to handcrafted products and can obtain various types of finishes, such as glossy or matt, according to specific preferences.  Generally, it is used for drinking water or to eat food on a regular basis that further improves gut health. 

Why choose Kansa kitchen utensils?

Brass or Copper reacts with lemon or salt, or sour food that is harmful to the body.  So, it is not recommended to cook or eat in it.  On the other hand, Bronze or Kansa does not get reacted with these acidic foods and marks as the best metal to cook and eat in. 

Since ancient times, drinking water from bronze glass has been a healthy approach to follow.   The glass possesses a firm exterior and it gives a better drinking experience.  Yes, the water stored in Kansa Glass does not get smelly, even remains fresh.

How Drinking Water from Kansa Glasses is Beneficial?

Stimulates the Digestive System

The water stored in the Kansa detoxifies the kidneys, liver, and stomach. The vessels contain properties that kill bacteria of all types. This, eventually, reduces the risk of infarction and stomach ulcers.  In addition to this, it shuns away from stomach issues such as gas and acidity. 

Soothes Joint Pain

The anti-inflammatory properties it contains are helpful in reducing pain, particularly joint pain.  Those patients who suffer from joint pain and arthritis must drink water from Kansa glass. Moreover, the bronze pot water is also advantageous in bone strength.

Improves face beauty

In addition to the different properties of bronze, there are many antioxidants that are present in it.  These antioxidants reduce the freckles and fine lines of the face. It also develops a safe layer by avoiding the free radicals that reduce the face wrinkles and make you look young.

Good for the Cardiovascular System

Kansa is a metal that dilutes blood vessels to improve the blood flow to the heart and clear the plague.  Its deficiency makes the heart remain intact.   In addition, if some person has a deficiency then there are chances of heart muscle contraction and bar regular blood circulation. It, therefore, puts stress on the heart and raises blood pressure.  To avoid this, it is advised to drink water in a Kansa glass set.

Appropriate Thyroid Gland Functioning

Kansa balances the variances of the human thyroid gland and assures proper functioning. In addition, Kansas lessens the chances of any harm to the thyroid gland and assures adequate functioning. Though, if you are searching for unique Kansa metal utensils online, then you can find an online store like Indian Bartan

Balances Hypertension

According to research, Kansa metal reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels. So, if someone has Kansa deficiency, then, it is better to start drinking water in the Kansa glasses. The only reason is that its deficiency results in hypertension that can be prevented when you drink the water in the Kansa glasses. 

Anaemia Prevention

Bronze is a metal that helps in food disintegration for forming hemoglobin. So, if some person is iron deficient, then, it is advised to start drinking the water from the Kansa glasses. The reason behind this is that its deficiency results in diseases such as Anaemia. Though this alloy generates hemoglobin, it can prevent issues such as hematological disorders, which lessens white blood cells production.

Decreases Infection

Bronze has natural antibiotic properties. Hence, water stored in the vessels for more than eight hours deeply purifies the beverage. The ions that flow in the beverage helps in killing cholera germs and various water-borne illnesses that can result in death or loss of life.

Anti-Aging Properties

The other secret advantage is that it has anti-aging properties. It implies if you are using Kansa glass, the ions which are secreted reduce free radicals and hence, give shine and glow to the skin. However, it makes the person look vibrant and young.

Weight Loss

Bronze has an important role to play in reducing and dissolving the extra fat from the body. That eventually results in weight loss. Additionally, Kansa induces fat burn when the individual is inactive. Although, it does not confirm that it always burns fat. There is a need to eat healthily and exercise properly. 

Concluding Remarks

Bronze works as prevention in eliminating many diseases; hence assuring a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Choosing to drink water from Kansa glass is worth it.

With that being said, why don't you take a look at some traditional yet unique  Kansa glasses today?