Best Brass Utensils To Use For Cooking

Best Brass Utensils To Use For Cooking

One can avail various health benefits by using brass vessels for cooking and having meals. For this reason, traditional brass utensils are still used in the villages and small towns of India.

Brass can deal with pitta dosha, improve skin health, increase haemoglobin count, and provide many more health benefits. In addition, the taste and flavour of the food items stored in metal vessels are maintained.

However, it is important to know about the best metal utensils before buying and starting using them. That's why we have selected the top brass utensils from the Indian Bartan's kitchenware collection. So, let's check them out.

Top Brass Utensils For Cooking Meals

Brass Parat Kadahi

The brass parat kadahi from Indian Bartan is a useful product to keep the meals free from any type of harmful viruses and bacteria. So, the user stays free from the risk of various diseases. Moreover, when you prepare meals in the brass kadahi, natural oil releases which adds a good aroma and taste to the food. Hence, the users get flavourful and tasty meals along with health benefits.

The kadahi is a frequently used utensil in an Indian Kitchen. By replacing the old kadahi with a brass kadahi, one can get optimal health benefits from the metal. Besides, metal kadahi is very durable; so it lasts for years without any issues.

Brass Handi

The brass handi with lid is one of the traditional Indian utensils. It is also known as sipri or degh. The brass sipri from Indian Bartan is perfect for making tasty biryanis. Also, the food is safe and free from various microorganisms. This way, a metal handi helps the users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Indian Bartan's brass handi comes in various capacities like 2L, 3L, and 5L. Therefore, one can purchase a suitable one according to the number of family members. In short, using metal sipri for preparing meals is an effortless way of staying healthy.

Brass Patila

Indian Bartan's brass patila is the need of every kitchen. The patila is used to cook the meals present in the liquid or semi-solid form. Along with preparing tasty dishes, this utensil provides an appealing look to the kitchen. Because it comes with a classy finish. So, this utensil is a perfect addition to your kitchenware collection.

Moreover, the brass patila by Indian Bartan comes with a kalai coating on the inside. Kalai coating refers to depositing a layer of tin on the utensil. As tin is a non-reactive element, it doesn't react with the food. Also, it prevents the corrosion of metal.

Brass Tawa

A Tawa is a commonly used kitchen item in Indian households. You can make perfectly puffed and soft chapatis using the Indian Bartan's brass tawa. It looks beautiful in its glossy yellow finish. Besides, it has a textured finish, so the food items don't stick on it while cooking.

As mentioned above, the tawa is a daily used item in the kitchen, which makes it perfect to get the health benefits of the metal. By regularly using the brass vessels, you get improved immunity; and hence, staying away from various diseases is assured 

Brass Ghee Pot

Ghee is always a part of a typical Indian diet. Although it is high in fat, it is very beneficial for the body if consumed in a controlled amount. The Brass Ghee Pot from Indian Bartan is the perfect container for storing the ghee.

The metal ghee pot also has a lid to cover it that keeps the ghee fresh and tasty. Moreover, you also get a serving spoon with it. So, transfer the ghee to the brass pot to get the combined benefits of ghee and the metal.


The above are the top picks for brass utensils for cooking purposes. Using metal vessels regularly provides you with optimal health benefits. Indian Bartan is a renowned kitchenware manufacturer that provides quality utensils at the best market prices. The above vessels are also selected from their brass utensil collection.

Moreover, they have other metal utensils as well like Kansa, copper, and many more. Indian Bartan's mission is to restore the usage of traditional vessels in the Indian household so that the customers stay healthy and fit. You can check out their website to get high-quality utensils at your doorstep.