Kansa Dinner Set

How did Kansa Become the Healthiest Cooking and Eating Metal?

The spark of art brought various auras to ancient wisdom, one is- Kansa kitchenware!

Kansa or Bell Metal or Bronze is a hard metal containing a ratio of Copper (4) and Tin (1) - copper is 78% and tin is 22%. The presence of tin improves mental rigidity and boosts resonance. Also, it includes the industrial benefit, particularly for bushings, bearings, piston rings, and valve bodies.

It is known by various names- Kanh in Assam, Kansa in Odisha, and West Bengal.  To believe- Kansa is the metal that if used for eating or cooking food or drinking water on a regular basis boosts immunity; however, reduces the food impurities.

All About Kansa Utensils

This alloy has been in use since the Samhita Kala period.  It has a long history that obviously is hard to track.  But,  as per its details drafted in the Ayurveda Prakasha, Kansa is majorly practiced for healing applications.  

It is believed by scientists that it is one of the most beneficial and innovative metals in history and was founded 5000 years back. Harappans created it for the first time in the Indus Valley. And,  the similar culture is estimated to create the practices and principles of Ayurveda.

In the 46th verse and 5th chapter of great grantha ‘Rasaratna Samuccaya’, the essential details of Kitchen cookware and its benefits for the human body.

When it is about its making, tin and copper are together at around 400 to 700 degrees celsius. This hot metal is created later in the sheet, later formed to the required shape.   The Kansa vessels are polished by hand using conventional materials like tamarind juice and sand. For designing, the hammers are used to convert the small incisions to heated alloy.

Why using Kansa has become essential?

As we have discussed above, Ayurveda has revealed that the benefits of Kansa to the human body are countless. Making an alloy like Bronze was an idle method to absorb the advantages, however, overlooking the negative points.

As compared to the different metals, Kansa when combined with the food is inert, so it is very suitable for storing, eating, and cooking food.  The human body constitutes three doshas, such as Kabha, Pitta, and Vata.  The bell metal has a major role to play in balancing all of these three, assuring it remains sound and healthy.

Additionally, it has several antibacterial properties; it can disinfect surfaces, converting it into an ideal alloy for eating, drinking, and cooking. Kansas was and is still used to save water in many places in India. The water stored in Kansas absorbs positive waves and does not deteriorate according to tradition.

Cooking and Eating in Kansa Utensils-Health Benefits

Till now, you must have believed about the benefits Kansa provides to the human body.  Even if now, you are not convinced, keep on reading:

Promotes the health of the digestive system

For a healthy or normal healthy life balance, it is essential to have a strong digestive system.  Here, the benefit of Bell metal is that it supports in purifying and alkalizing the food which is cooked and eaten for. Hence, assuring an improvement in digesting the food easily. 

Suggested for relieving stress and holistic reviving

As this metal includes the amazing benefits of eating in, it is even advised by the ayurvedic researchers for the overall relief of stress and other diseases. It holds the power to destroy the microorganisms and therefore, converting the metal hygienic and pure to use.  Using the metal encourages the holistic improvement of energy levels and gut health. 

Boosts Immunity and Reduces Illness

'Kansyam Buddhivardhakam'  is a Sanskrit phrase that defines that Kansa improves intellectual or mental health. This phrase has been made to give recognition to the therapeutic capabilities, it promotes and teaches the practice of Kansa in purity form.  The reason behind this lies in the fact that its daily usage boosts immunity and limits infections.  

Charges water positively and reduce the occurrence of water-related infections

According to the analyses,  the water stored in the Kansa jug for approximately eight hours charges it positively. It holds the power to balance the three doshas in the human body. However, it also prevents the occurrence of water-borne infections such as cholera, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, etc.  In addition, the water in the bell metal for a long time does not become stale. 

Fulfills the Copper need in the body

Because Bronze is created majorly of copper, it enables the human body to manage and meet the copper requirement for the proper functioning of thyroid glands.

Constitutes Anti-inflammatory properties

The metals possess anti-inflammatory qualities which reduce the pain of joints and muscles; hence, assist in overcoming arthritis.

Break down the body fat and helps in weight loss

As people’s lifestyle changes and the time spent on preparing home-cooked food is less, the rise in the habit of eating fast food or junk food results in problems such as obesity and different health risks.

In order to solve this issue, bronze came out as a good alloy because it can swiftly break the fat and assists in a healthy weight loss journey.

Maintains cardiovascular health

The metal constitutes the scientific characteristics to overcome anemia; also, it maintains the level of blood pressure. In addition, it further improves and controls cardiovascular strength.

Easy Maintenance

Kansa alloy is impervious to corrosion as compared to brass and copper and hence, can be maintained easily. You can keep it the same for a long time. 

Concluding Remarks

Ayurveda states “कांस्यम् बुद्धिवर्धकम्"- that is Kansa cookware improves intellect. And, this is proved by many!

Choosing the right bronze utensil is essential if the concern is about gaining overall health benefits. You can look after the Kansa metal utensils online to get high-quality vessels to cook and eat in.