How to Clean Brass Utensils Naturally?

How to Clean Brass Utensils Naturally?

Brass Utensils have a long history. Many consider it an outdated metal, but its health benefits and good properties influence us. 

It has a constitution of zinc and Brass that gives additional benefits to the human body.  The metal also has several scientific advantages; it consumes bacteria, germs, and chemicals unadulterated.  Lately, Brass utensils online India has grown its popularity. Previously it was only used in the lower suburbs.

Benefits of Brass Utensils

  • The metal melanin makes skin and hair healthy.
  • Consuming water stored in a Brass jug boosts immunity and strength.
  • Eating food from Brass cookware inhibits abdominal diseases.
  • The food cooked in the brass vessels releases the natural oil which adds different tastes and flavors to food. 
  • Because of the presence of Brass, blood gets purified.
  • Consuming food or drinking water from brass glasses improves memory.
  • It cures respiratory diseases such as asthma and cough.
  • The metal is prevalent as it boosts strength, resistance, elegance, beauty, and durability for corrosion. 

The above benefits make brass utensils a favorite, but they need to remain shining and clean. Considering this, here, in this article, we are giving you the ways to clean brass utensils with natural means. 

Different Ways to Clean Brass Cookware Naturally

First thing first, it is important to assure that you have a real brass vessel to clean. However, how can you find out that the metal you are using is Brass only? There is an easy method to know the same.

Take a magnet, place it on the utensil you want to clean, if in any case, it got stuck, then, stop the process there only. This shows it is brass with iron plating. Considerably, cleaning the brass vessel can lose elegance and charm as compared to other utensils. 

Method 1

  • Go to the kitchen sink and fill it with water.
  • Mix some quantity of dish detergent in the sink.
  • To clean the brass utensils, use the soft-bristled cotton rag or toothbrush.
  • Rub the surfaces, clean the edges and corners precisely.
  • It is ok to put on some pressure as well. Find out how much it is cleaned after completing the process. 

Method 2

If your brassware is lacquer and you want to take it off, then follow the below procedure:

  • Mix hot water with some teaspoons of detergent/washing powder and bleach to clean the dirt on it.
  • Also, you can boil the brass cookware for some time; let the lacquer or paint comes out itself.
  • Or, leave the vessel for some minutes in water. This way, the dirt will be removed automatically.  

Method 3

  • Take the lemon, squeeze it
  • Put in the bowl
  • Take some quantity of baking soda 
  • Mix the whole mixture and make it a paste
  • It will hiss initially, but it will stabilize eventually.
  • Use the paste on the brass cookware 
  • Rub it smoothly
  • After completing the process, clean the utensil with water

You will observe that the utensils are shining, just like the ones purchased from the brass utensils online India, today.

Method 4

  • Clean the petal utensil with soap first, then wash it.
  • Use a towel to eliminate the wetness
  • Take non-gel toothpaste
  • Squeeze some amount of paste on a small cloth
  • Rub it on the brass utensil surface
  • After cleaning, dry it with a piece of cloth or towel
  • Get the beauty you want from your lovely aesthetic utensil. 

Method 5

  • Get flour, add two tablespoons of it into the bowl
  • Put some water (approximately two tablespoons)
  • Put some vinegar, mix all and make a thick layer
  • Apply the paste on overall brass utensils' surface 
  • Let it get dry

**This process is used for dissolving dense and dark spots. Specifically, the flour consumes the dirt collected on the surface

  • Then, take a cotton cloth
  • Remove the overall dry layer
  • Wash the utensil with soap to assure if the layer has been removed absolutely
  • Dry it when the process is completed.

Method 6

  • Use Filtz and squeeze it into the cotton cloth
  • Rub the cloth on the brass utensil surface
  • Polish it properly
  • After the process is completed, clean the Brass cookware 
  • Take a piece of cloth or paper towel to dry it. 

** Filtz is a non-toxic and non-abrasive product used majorly for cleaning and polishing brass utensils. Particularly, it is used for surface cleaning. It preserves the petal surface for three months in saltwater and in freshwater for almost six months

Method 7

  • Take tomato ketchup and put some quantity of it on the clean cotton cloth
  • Rub it for some minutes on the brass surface
  • Clean it with water by smooth damped cloth
  • Let it get dry itself

How to Avoid Tarnishing from Brass Utensils

When you are done with cleaning the utensils, it is essential that they must remain prevented from tarnishing. It is advised to use lacquer, renaissance wax, or some other protective layer. This way, brass will be unfolded to oxygen; hence will not get tarnish. Below are the other tips that you must follow if you are using the brass copper on daily basis for cooking and eating:

  • Avoid touching the utensil if you are not using it. The oil of the hand can result in tarnishing.
  • Dry the brass pans immediately; do not let the air dry them, it can cause tarnishing.
  • Do not put them in the sink or dishwasher directly. The hard detergent or soap will result in tarnish.

Note that the above practices do not give surety that tarnish will remove completely, but they will cut it down to some extent. 

Concluding Remarks

Choose the brass utensils as they not only appeal to the eyes but are responsible for health benefits.  Now is the time to add the brass to your kitchenware. 

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