Thing to Keep in Mind when using Brass Vessels

Thing to Keep in Mind when using Brass Vessels

Brass vessels are very popular nowadays due to their multiple characteristics. The brass metal utensils are fit for household usage. Brass kitchen utensils are of different types based on their size, shape, thickness. Majorly, they are divided into two categories, tinned and untinned. They also provide some major health benefits. As in, if we drink water from brass jugs or glasses, our immunity increases.

There are various options available in brass kitchenware from which you can choose, for example, brass parat, brass chapati box, brass cooker, etc. If you want to use brass utensils, you have to take care of some things on a regular basis. So, we have mentioned some tips that you should keep in mind to use vessels without a hassle.

Tips For Using Brass Vessels

For Untinned Brass Utensils

Good As A Drinkware

Untinned brass kitchen vessels are perfect for storing liquids and beverages. When we drink water from these vessels, our immunity gets stronger. In addition, they help to regulate the pitta. In conclusion, they are beneficial for our health as they can balance the doshas in the body. 

Suitable For Saute

The kitchenwares without a coating are perfect for performing saute on vegetables. There are a variety of options such as ladles, utensils for stir-frying, and spoons. The ladles made of untinned brass provide a unique taste to the food during the preparation. 

Appropriate For Steaming

Brass vessels can be used to steam the idlis. They can control the flow of heat across the vessel. The kitchen utensils distribute the heat in a uniform manner throughout the food. In addition, they can be used to cook the appams perfectly. 

For Tinned Brass Utensils

Safe For Keeping The Fruits

Keep the fruits after cutting them in a tinned brass container. The reason behind that is the fruits are prone to acidic reactions with metals. That's why if we keep fruits in an untinned brass utensil, they undergo enzymatic reactions. Therefore, it is safe to keep the fruits in a lined brass vessel.

Good For Storing The Milk

Tinned brass utensils are suitable to store the milk. They help to avoid the curdling of the milk. As lactic acid is present in dairy products, it can react with the metal. As a result, the dairy item becomes sour. Therefore, all the dairy products such as ghee, butter, etc. should be stored in tinned brass containers.

Be Careful With Deep Frying

While you deep fry any item in these vessels, you should be careful. The smoke point of most oils is very high. High-temperature conditions can remove the tin lining. Therefore, you should take regular care of the tin coating. Make sure to re-coat the brass utensil every 6 months. However, this period may vary according to the usage pattern.


Brass utensils are perfect for household use. In addition, they provide us with numerous health benefits. Their properties are quoted multiple times in the Ayurveda. For instance, the Indian text "Charaka Samhita" elaborates the use of alloy for making kitchen equipment in form of a brass parat, and many more. After you go through the different properties of the metal, you can use brass kitchen vessels more efficiently.

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