What are the Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Bottle

What are the Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Bottle

Copper naturally self-sterilizes and has a toxic effect on pathogens that come into contact with it. It even kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria or "super microbes" such as MRSA. Store drinking water in a copper bottle overnight and drink it the next morning. It eliminates bacteria that cause infection and also promotes digestion, healthy skin and hair, healing of injuries, and aids sensory flow through the nervous system.

The Ayurvedic use of copper vessels goes back many centuries and is one of the oldest examples of preventive natural health. It has been observed that people who drink water from copper water bottles have a tendency to recover from injury faster and fuller than expected.

The ancient Egyptians used copper vessels to keep the water fresh. They noticed that copper is a good material for storing water and understood the natural health benefits of drinking water stored in copper vessels.

The findings suggest that copper vessels are fatal to organisms such as E.coli, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Campylobacter jejuni, and Salmonella. Copper can act on these organisms under various conditions, be it the pH of the water or the temperature.

The safety of leached copper does not appear to be an issue, as studies have shown that currently, the WHO 2mg Cu / L guideline is safe, and the leached levels in the study were 1/20 of the acceptable range, making it safe to drink.

Our body only needs small amounts of copper, but we often don't eat enough copper-rich foods. Copper is essential for many bodily functions. It helps the efficient use of iron and is essential for proper enzymatic activity, healthy metabolic function, the synthesis of connective tissues, increasing energy production, and many other uses in the body.

Therefore, copper deficiency can have the following negative consequences for our body, and this is just a shortlist!

  • Anemia and low white blood cell counts
  • Brittle bones leading to osteoporosis
  • Oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which causes heart problems
  • The poor immune system, low resistance to infections
  • Thyroid disease
  • Low body temperature
  • lethargy
  • Water
  • retention Growth retardation
  • Hair loss and premature graying of hair
  • Skin problems

Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Water 

Due to the many diseases that copper deficiency can cause, it makes sense that, supplying it in sufficient quantities, could reverse these diseases. Below are just a few of the health benefits of drinking copper vessel water. There are too many to list!

Reduces the risk of cancer and aging

Copper has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. Due to its strong antioxidant properties, it can neutralize free radicals and toxins in the body that cause cell damage and mutations (cancerous).

The antioxidants in copper can also help slow the body's aging and appearance. It promotes the regeneration of healthy cells, reducing your fine lines and wrinkles. Having enough copper in your daily diet will help you look younger for longer!

Improves brain function and health

Copper leached into the water can synthesize phospholipids, which help in the formation of the myelin sheath (nerve covering). This helps neurotransmitters transmit signals faster and more efficiently. It improves brain function and health, acts as a brain stimulant, and may prevent seizures due to its anticonvulsant properties.

Relieves Inflammatory Pain

Due to the strong anti-inflammatory properties of copper, drinking water rich in copper from copper jar bottle matt can relieve arthritis and joint pain. It has also been shown to be helpful in reducing headaches and fatigue.

Since copper is also a mineral required for bone building, it helps reduce bone breakdown and inflammation, which can lead to osteoporosis.

Improves blood quality

People with anemia may experience symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, shortness of breath, dizziness, tingling, or crawling sensations in the arms and legs.

Copper is essential for the efficient use of iron. Iron is essential for blood formation and the prevention of anemia. This helps maintain good hemoglobin (iron) levels and regulates its flow in blood vessels.

Copper also helps improve white blood cell count. We know that white blood cells (leukocytes) are cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting your body from infectious and foreign invaders. The presence of a large number of white blood cells means a strong immune system that can fight harmful and disease-causing microbes.

Reduces hypertension and supports the cardiovascular system

Copper helps minimize the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, reduces plaque build-up in arteries, and prevents the hardening of arteries. It helps regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and triglyceride levels. Thanks to these benefits, the blood supply to the heart and blood circulation are improved.

We know that when blood circulation is effective, blood can deliver nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, preventing the numbness and tingling sensations you may feel in your fingers and toes.

Prevents Thyroid Disease

People with thyroid disease often lack copper in the body, and this is often seen in hyper- and hypothyroidism. Copper is an essential micronutrient that the thyroid gland needs to function optimally, so a deficiency can lead to the thyroid out of sync. Regular consumption of copper-rich water helps to replenish copper deficiencies and improve thyroid function.

Improves the production of melanin

One of the main causes of premature graying of hair is the lack of certain minerals such as copper. Copper is essential for the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to your eyes, skin, and hair. A lack of melanin can also cause irregular pigmentation in your skin.

Helps Maintain Good pH Balance

Copper ions in water help maintain a good pH balance in the body, making the body a conducive and healthy environment for beneficial bacteria and toxic for harmful bacteria. It helps eliminate discomforts such as acidity and can reduce gas and bloating. It has also been reported that drinking copper-rich water is beneficial for digestive problems and the healing of intestinal ulcers.

Rapid Healing of Wounds and Infections

Due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of copper, it helps to stop the infection in its tracks for faster healing. Copper has been shown to kill many types of bacteria, including E. Coli, MRSA, and Salmonella, in various studies. Its ability to regenerate cells also helps ensure rapid tissue healing.


As of now, you must have understood the benefits of drinking water from a copper water bottle.  Everything comes with its adverse effects- it is better to get full information related to reap only the benefits. 

The leading copper bottle manufacturer like Indian Bartan and the copper quality plays an essential role in the end.  Do not save acidic substance in the copper bootle, and assure that you are buying it from a reputable retailer.

Comment below if there are some queries. Do share your experience if you are using copper bottles or copper utensils. Thanks for reading!