What is the Ayurvedic Importance of Using Copper Water Dispenser?

What is the Ayurvedic Importance of Using Copper Water Dispenser?

In ancient times, the tradition of drinking water from copper vessels was very prominent in India. That’s why different copper vessels such as cups, glasses, bowls were used to store drinking water. The reason behind that tradition is the ayurvedic health benefits of copper metal. The oldest use of this metal was for medical purposes which is stated in an ancient Egyptian medical text. However, with the help of a copper water dispenser, we can still avail ayurvedic benefits of this metal. But before buying a dispenser, one must be aware of the multiple health advantages stated below.

Ayurvedic Benefits Of Drinking Water From A Copper Dispenser

Why Copper Containers Are Best To Store Drinking Water?

  • Effective Digestion
  • Ayurveda states that water stored in this container is good for stomach health. For instance, it helps reduce stomach inflammation and promotes better digestion. Furthermore, it is effective in various stomach disorders such as stomach infection, stomach ulcers, etc.

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Copper can help us to reduce our body weight. It possesses the property to dissolve the extra fat deposits present on an individuals' body. In addition, it continues to burn fat even when our body is at rest.

  • Fights With Ageing
  • In ancient times, copper was used as an ingredient in beauty products. The reason behind that is it is a natural antioxidant. Therefore, it protects the skin from damage done by free radicals, resulting in less aging.

  • Eliminates Infection
  • Copper naturally possesses antibiotic properties to cope with infection. Therefore, water stored in the vessels remains fit for drinking for longer durations. In addition, it fights different viruses and bacterias to prevent waterborne diseases like cholera.

  • Fights Cancer
  • The presence of free radicals in the body is a major cause of cancer. As discussed above, copper is a natural antioxidant. Therefore, it can fight the free radicals and neutralize their effect to fight cancer. 

    Ayurvedic Tips To Drink Water From Copper Vessels

    Ayurveda recommends drinking water from copper kitchen utensils for optimal health. Store the water in the container for some hours so that the metal assimilates its properties into the water. In addition, drink the water from the container early in the morning. This tip is especially effective in the winters because we are more prone to flu and the alloy can prevent it. Furthermore, drinking a cup of water from the container regularly after waking up eliminates digestive disorders.

    Specialties Of A Hammered Copper Water Dispenser

    • A water dispenser is handcrafted from pure copper. In addition, the dispenser comes with a lid of the same color, to cover it. The seamless construction of the dispenser makes sure that the water doesn't leak. Additionally, the storage capacity of the dispenser is enough for all-day usage.
    • The metal has the property that it keeps the water cool and provides a good taste to it. Therefore, if you don't like the taste of tap water, you can try a copper water dispenser.
    • Copper metal is a better alternative to plastic and a more sustainable option for the environment.
    • We can store water in a copper dispenser for days, weeks, or even months without any problem. Hence, there is no fixed time for how long you can store the water in a copper jug.

    Working Of A Water Dispenser

    A water dispenser is a device that dispenses drinking water according to the user’s requirement. Generally, it is equipped with a knob or tap for dispensing water. In addition, a dispenser has the following advantages.

    • A safer option for the houses where the tap water is not fit for drinking.
    • Some water dispensers come with the functionality to heat and cool water.
    • A healthier option compared to regular tap water.


    A copper water dispenser is a better option when we compare it with dispensers of other materials such as plastic or glass. The major reasons behind that are the health benefits it offers. If you are looking for a  water dispenser, you can check out Indian Bartan's Copper Water Dispenser  Hammered product This dispenser comes in a reddish finish handcrafted with pure material. In addition, it offers a capacity of 10 litres that is sufficient for all-day usage. Indian Bartan is a reputable manufacturer and provider of a vast range of kitchen products like brass vessels, bronze vessels, and many more. Furthermore, you can check out their website to get good quality utensils at affordable prices.