Which Pure Kansa Utensils to use for the Dinner set?

Which Pure Kansa Utensils to use for the Dinner set?

Dietary habits have changed immensely- advancement in technology is the main reason behind! 

Plastic addition to the daily routine gives birth to severe diseases such as diabetes, heart strokes, cancer, hypertension and many more. It is essential to make a move to traditional utensils and totally discard the modern kitchenware. Of all, pure Kansa utensils are the best to provide health benefits. It is a metal that has been in use since the Samhita Kala age and confirms that serving, eating food and drinking water from Kansa cookware purifies the food and improves immunity.  

Kansa is a good heat conductor and possesses heat properly, hence, maintaining the warmth of food and keeping them richer for more time. This metal of grace is majorly for cooking, serving and eating. There are huge benefits of using the Kansa dinner set, hence, using them to serve food is a win-win! This article aims to define the Kansa kitchenware you can add for your daily usage, read-on!

Significance of Kansa Utensils

We can call Kansa as Bell or Bronze metal, it is a hard metal that comprises tin and copper. The alloy has a copper of 4% and a tin of 1%. It is termed as different names in various places in India. As in, it is Kanh in Assam, and Kansa in Odisha and West Bengal. 

In the grantha 'Rasaratna Samuccaya’ (‘रसरत्नसमुच्चय’), the fifth and sixth chapter defines that Kansas therapeutic properties give health benefits to humans. As per the drafts of the Ayurveda Prakasha, the alloy sharpens our minds and prevents infection. You can find the purity of the Kansa by its sound. It provides a Teekshna Shabdam (sharp sound), Mridu (Soft sound), Snigdha (smooth to touch). The alloy is Eshat Shyamalan (greyish) and does not have any Nirmalam/ Shubhram (impurity), it changes colour to red when heated. Since the grandparent's age, there has been no home that does not have Kansa cookware, definitely, it has the benefits that let them use it. 

Best Pure Kansa Utensils as Dinner set

Kansa Plate

The Kansa plate or thali is an ideal option to serve food. Basically, the architects create the metal considering exquisite hints and immense functionality. Assuredly, having daily three meals either dry or liquid (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from Kansa plate is most useful. However, remember that the plates you are using are 100% made of Kansa. 

Ayurveda reveals that eating food from Kansa plates stimulates the functioning of thyroid glands, reinforces bones, solves skin issues and hair growth problems and heals constipation, etc. 

Kansa Plate set

Eating food from the Kansa plate set purifies food, improves intelligence, and cures acidity even if we keep it in there for a long time.  Because Kansa metal assures the right functioning of the heart, brain, liver, skeletal muscle and kidneys, hence,  eating food in this metal is definitely beneficial. However, do not keep sour foods, lemon, salt, curd or pickle in the plate set, as it could be harmful to your body. 

Kansa Glass Set

To have good gut health, use a Kansa glass set to drink water. It is appropriate to balance nutrition in the human body and for detoxifying the stomach. Earlier, or since ancient times, there are claims that drinking water from Kansa jugs or glasses is beneficial for health.  

When we store the water in these utensils overnight or for around eight hours, the metal leaches to water and provides its positive impacts. However, the antifungal and antibacterial metal properties make the water safe for drinking; also maintain its cleanliness.

Kansa Katori Set

The ancients describe that eating meals from Kansa katoris reduces several health issues. The reason is that the metal purifies the food and eliminates the toxins from the human body.  Consequently, the kidneys stay healthy. 

As above we have defined that the metal has antibacterial and antiviral properties, hence, eating from Kansa kills germs. Therefore, it saves us from illnesses or other serious infections. Because of the better heat conductivity, the heat spreads evenly; hence, the food remains warm and rich for maximum time. 

Concluding Remarks

Gifting your loved ones and using pure Kansa utensils in your daily kitchen activities is indeed advisable. Certainly, it has the benefits that almost every human body requires. It is the right metal to cook and eat food from. 

So, give a change to your kitchen, replace the modern utensils with Kansa utensils and eat nutritional food. Kansa does not only include nutrients essential for you, however, it also kills the toxicities and bacteria of water and food and makes absorption easy. Additionally, it enhances skin health, maintains skin glow, regulates thyroid level, lower cholesterol level and improves immunity, etc. 

So, don't wait too long. Now you know how to improve your health, add Kansa utensils in your kitchen. There are many online suppliers, like Indian Bartan that sells traditional utensils. You can check out their different ranges and buy the required ones!