Why Should We Use Kansa Utensils In Modern Times?

Why Should We Use Kansa Utensils In Modern Times?

Since our grandparent's time, the Kansa or bronze utensil sets have been in use.  Of course- the amazing benefits it offers are the reasons behind it! Essentially, it soothes Pitta and Vata (irritability, nervous temperament, dry skin). Undeniably, it is the best alloy to cook and eat in. Considering, in modern times, many kitchens have started using Kansa utensils, but many do not! This article aims to make you understand why cooking and serving food in Bronze kitchenware is beneficial.

Properties of Kansa Utensils

The metal is created with Tin of composition 22% and Copper of composition 78%.  These are heated approximately at 400 to 700 degrees centigrade.  Kansa is malleable and moulds into sheets. Because of this property, one can change its shape accordingly.  Then, the molten alloy is moulded to make various utensils. Its polishing is done via tamarind juice and sand.

Reasons for using Kansa kitchen utensil set

Kansa brings in many advantages to human health.  From ancient times, this metal has been known for wellness and good health.  Hence, instead of using plastic or aluminium metals for cooking or eating, move to traditional cookware. Check out the benefits it gives:

Encourages better digestive system

Your body can remain healthy if it has a sound digestive system. The Kansa bartan set alkalizes and refines the food and assures a good gut. 

Enhances skin health

Those with pimple issues and dry skin should start eating vegetables in Kansa Katori. It helps to enrich the skin's health and make it glowy and fresh.

Reduces extra fat

If you are obese and are unable to get rid of it, then eating in a Kansa kitchen utensil set helps reduce it to a great amount. As we have mentioned before that Kansa leads to a better digestive system, hence, it becomes easy to lessen the extra body fat. 

Balance Vata, pitta, and Kapha

When you store water in a bronze jug overnight or for around 7 or 8 hours, and drink it the next morning, your body charges positively. This way, the three doshas of your body balance.  So, we advise you to drink water from an empty stomach from Kansa glass. 

Ayurvedic recommendation on Kansa Bartan Set

Ayurveda claims that metal powders such as Bhasma are used for curing diseases or illnesses. Those who believe in Ayurveda confirm that eating, cooking or serving food in the alkalinizing alloys such as Kansa gives health benefits.

We all know that minerals and metals are important; however, they are unable to be consumed to the right amount. Hence, taking it from external sources or adding them to the diet is an ideal choice.

The plants rely on Kansa with its soil absorption process. So, the amount of alloy is dependent on the soil quality.  Therefore for us, in addition to the regular food absorption, the utensils or vessels created from this metal are useful sources that our ancestors have had for a long time. The researchers say micronutrients of 97% stocks in the Kansa kitchen set. It intends to:

  • Decreases obesity
  • Enhances eyesight
  • Enhances skin condition
  • Strengthens nervous system
  • Intensifies Immune system
  • Improves intellectual level
  • Grows haemoglobin level

What Precautions to Take Before Using Kansa Utensils?

While using the Kansa utensils, it is a must to check that they are made by the best manufacturers. You can get results of Kansa metal utensils online, there you can get a list of manufacturers, and suppliers of different kitchenware.

The older utensils contain some amount of arsenic or lead with tin and copper. These types of elements get leached to the food from the metal while cooking. Arsenic and lead are accumulative toxins. They can generate in your body with time and give damage to it even before some symptoms.

Manufacturers of modern bronze kitchenware suggest avoiding cooking food with acidic nature. That could be citrus fruits, tomatoes or vinegar, etc. Do not store the cooked food in the Kansa containers for a longer time.  If your cookware includes a tin coating, check on a regular basis for the damage and repair the coating as required.

Guidelines on using Bronze utensils

As is mentioned above, it is a metal made up of copper and tin. You must avoid using acidic food in as it includes the tin coating.

Use only the mild detergent and delicate stop to clean the vessels. We do not advise using the wire scrubs on it.

Soak Kansa kitchenware in tamarind water from time to time to clear oxidation. It can bring back the lustre; scrubbing with tamarind peels can be followed.

Unpainted bronze can easily corrode and stain if it comes in contact with liquids and food.  It is most useful to wash Kansa katoris right after its use.

You can use the commercial cleaner formulated for bronze with the manufacturer's instructions. Or the paste of one teaspoon with one cup of white vinegar and blended with sufficient flour can also be used.  Use this paste on the bronze utensils and let it remain on the vessels for 15 to 60 minutes. After that, rinse with warm or clean water and let it dry.

It is not allowed to use abrasive or harsh cleaners on the Kansa utensils. The reason is only that it can damage the metal, any tin or lacquer protective coating on it.

Concluding Remarks

Briefly, Kansa cookwares are very beneficial to human health and a great gift from our predecessors. Let's regain our former glory and reap the benefits in the form of physical fitness in modern times.