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Brass Sipri / Handi With Lid

The Brass handi/Sipri is the most desirable daily usage product keeping food free from any infections & leading to food preparation that defines healthy living. Mostly people call it Degh used to cook Biryani.

Eating healthy does not complete a healthy lifestyle. Tools required to cook healthy meals equally matter a lot. We offer brass cooking equipment that can turn your meal more healthy with all the enriched minerals.

Brass is one of the most ancient metals that holds numerous benefits. Till today it is used in many villages and small towns in the country. Food cooked in brass utensils boosts immunity and strength. Also, it increases hemoglobin count, controls aggression level, and improves skin quality as well. There are countless and incredible benefits of our forefather's practices.

2L Sipli with Lid
Capacity :2L
Weight : 1.500 kg
Size :8.5*8.5*4 inch

3L Sipli with Lid
Capacity :3L
Weight : 1.600 kg
Size :9*9*4.5 inch

5L Sipli with Lid
Capacity :5L
Weight : 2.300 kg
Size :10*10*5 inch

Note: Sometimes you can see a variation in the size and weight of our products as they are handcrafted.
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