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Brass Kadahi With Lid

BRASS KADAHI WITH LID with Khalai available in different sizes and capacity. 

Brass Kadahi is a traditional Indian cooking utensil that is perfect for cooking vegetables, lentils and other foods. Cooking in brass increases the flow of energy in your body, which promotes better health. This Kadahi is crafted from the finest quality brass, making it ideal for daily use.

A traditional cooking utensil that enhances the taste of your food. Cooking in brass boosts your immunity and protects you from harmful bacteria. It also helps you get more of what you eat.

 Material: Brass

Specifications: Comes with the lid, khalai-coated inside

Brass Kadai 1.5 L
Diameter : 8.5 inch
Height : 3.0Inch

Weight in kg : 1.600 - 1.650 kg
Finish: Golden Finish & khalai-coated inside

Brass Kadai 3.0 L
Diameter : 10.5 Inch
Height : 3.5Inch
Weight in kg : 1.950 - 2.100 kg
Finish: Golden Finish & khalai-coated inside

Brass Kadai 5L
Diameter : 13.5Inch
Height : 4.0 Inch
Weight in kg : 2.900 - 3.100 kg
Finish: Golden Finish & khalai-coated inside

Note: Sometimes you can see a variation in the size and weight of our products as they are handcrafted.
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