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Small Copper Frying Pan

Make your own delicious Indian curry with this strong, beautiful Copper Hammered Frying Pan inside Kalai coated.. It’s perfect for stir-fries, grilling chicken kabobs, and even making healthy pancakes! With its sleek design and smooth cooking surface, it’s guaranteed to make any meal you whip up a home-cooked delight.

Copper has long been used as a material for cooking utensils and vessels for cooking and storing food. In fact, copper utensils have been found in ancient Egyptian archaeological sites, and the Greeks used them during their golden age.Handle Is Made of  Brass.

Weight : 0.5kg
Capacity: 600ML
Height :2 Inch
Diameter:7 Inch

Note: Sometimes you can see a variation in the size and weight of our products as they are handcrafted.
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